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We can't just fix things...
We need to reimagine and recreate them.

Taking ACTIION is now a lot easier and more impactful than ever!

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Who We Are

We are EARTHX Corporation.  We are Global.  We are Power In Numbers.  We are on the cutting-edge of a Technology driven movement to reimagine and positively recreate life on Earth.

We are all-together…a High Impact force…for humanity…for the here-and-now…and for the deep future!

What We Do

On your behalf, we provide financial aid assistance to the World’s finest and most productive Global Charitable Organizations. The unique ACTIION methodology enables the kind of impact only advanced modern technology can possibly achieve.                                                                     

The Impact Question

High Impact Humanitarian Aid?

People are often understandably hesitant to give to charities, believing that the majority of their money goes to making the corporate CEOs rich and concerns about corrupt grafting, and often rightly so. Or worse, the money goes to third world governments, propping up their oppressive regimes; most donated money and goods not getting to the truly needy.

ACTIION’s rigorous scrutinizing assures the absolute highest level of humanitarian aid relief possible.  Why take a chance?  Confidently make ACTIION your go-to fiduciary and proxy, leaving all the heavy-lifting and concern to us.

Entirely Trustworthy
Humanitarian Aid

We’re all at least marginally aware of the myriad problems and challenges the Humanitarian aid Organizations face. But to address core systemic world health and ecology problems requires fixes that go far beyond band-aids and merely linear thinking.

Giving without Boundaries

One of the greatest problems is how exactly to most effectively acquire and distribute massive amounts of money to the world’s most needy and worthy people and causes.  We use cutting-edge algorithms to effectively solve that problem, equitably, and fairly, without prejudice.  We believe “people are people”, and the support of “humanity” is the support of everyone, without distinction.

Solution Driven

The monetary acquisition problem is always, of course, the most significant problem.  With algorithm driven monetary acquisition and distribution, the level of certainty and effectiveness is not merely improved but improved by magnitudes.

Without food and water, nothing can exist.  So we definitely begin there.  But it certainly doesn’t end there, because to simply “exist” isn’t good enough.  It’s a fact.  Technology can be an entire game changer, and AI is the new frontier affecting every field and industry imaginable.   We’re on the cutting-edge of advanced technology in Humanitarian Relief, and above all, accountability.  

What if…

What if… you could take ACTIION™ with the least amount of money, making the greatest possible impact?

With ACTIION, all it takes is a few dollars and you’re making a serious difference in the world, because we’re able to compound charitable contributions in a way that enables them to go farther and reach more humanitarian causes.

Simply register, donate what you’re able, and be an instrumental part of making the world a much better place than it was before – YOU!

ACTIION™ is an Advanced Technology driven Humanitarian Relief Donation Organization.
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